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About SOLID Truth

11194606_937908732907030_2906201250457915884_oSOLID=Socially Organizing Literally Inspiring Desire

    • Multimedia Marketing Coordinator, Public Relations Specialist, Artist Development, Mentoring, Self Esteem and Empowerment Workshop Coordinator
  • CEO of SOLID Truth Entertainment of Las Vegas, NV
  • Author of Enlightenment, a collection of poems and short stories
  • Creator  of “I AM SOLID” Self Esteem and Empowerment Workshop
  • Producer and star of “I AM SOLID”, a one women show
  • Producer and Host of “On SOLID Ground”, internet talk radio show  on Talk Shoe Radio
  • Producer and Host of “Speak Yo Mind” on Blog Talk Radio
  • Producer and hostess of “Poetry & Jazz Infusion”, at the Italian American Club, Las Vegas, “Poetry in Motion”, at the Mayan Club, Las Vegas, and SOLID Nytz at the Oracle Mansion
  • Show hostess and Assistant Program Manager on the One Positive Way internet radio network

With a delightful combination of outspoken character, and southern hospitality, SOLID captivates artists and stimulates minds. She has appeared in numerous community theater presentations including, For Colored Girls, The Bluest Eye, Moving Past the Past, and MendAcity: Lies Left unspoken. You can catch her producing her own variety showcases, hosting open mics and online radio shows, speaking at non-profit fundraisers and private events, or networking among the entertainment industry’s elite. Where ever you find her, she will liven things up and enlighten her audience. With her scriptural/greeting card style of writing, SOLID grabs your attention and holds you in your seat while she subliminally expands your consciousness. Once you have had a taste, you will have no choice but to follow her lead as she so eloquently invites you to “Follow tha Fro!”

SOLID=Socially Organizing Literally Inspiring Desire

Peace, love, and prosperity to ALL

Here is a sample. See for yourself if she is SOLID as a rock!

Recorded radio broadcast on KNPR radio network


“I am a peaceful, positive, and empowered person. SOLID-Socially Organizing Literally Inspiring Desire. My passions are poetry, motivational speaking, multimedia marketing, event coordinating, social networking, mentoring, acting, and all things musical.”

Contact SOLID online at

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