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One Night in Brazil

*Enjoy ONE NIGHT IN BRAZIL with Da’African Village, Africa Love & Vegas Capoeira!*

Da’African Village, a nonprofit dedicated to cultural exchange between the United States and Africa in partnership with Africa Love and Vegas Capoeira, present “One Night in Brazil” with SambaDá, a Brazilian music group that is based out of California. In celebration of Black History month and all things Brazil, the cultural celebration will take place on Friday, Feb. 22  at Rhythms Dance Studio & Event Center, located at 4545 W. Sahara Ave. *Doors open at 8 PM with music by DJ Blessed and women enter FREE until 10 PM*. 

We will have a cash bar and vendor opportunities are currently available. Those interested should contact *A. Ifayomi Stanton* at *702-782-3515* as they are going FAST! 

You can purchase tickets online at For additional information about the event, follow @africalovestore or @vegascapoeira on social media.One Night in Brazil383C715A-08D9-415E-97DA-0D7D0AF30887

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