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Why was I born black?
By Solid Truth

Why was I born black? Why do I always feel attacked? Why are my people always
oppressed? Why are we all so depressed? And stressed? Clueless? When we know deep down that we are blessed. Or do we?

Why was I born black? Why is it a matter of fact….that we have been mislead? Misread? Why are so many of my people ending up dead? Poisoned? Robbed? Imprisoned? Miseducated? Poor? Broken? Mistreated? Misdiagnosed?

Why was I born black? Does the color of my skin give them a reason to act…. so evil towards me? Is it my strength they fear? My wisdom? My power? My faith? Why can’t they relate? Why is there so much hate?

Why was I born black? Did my creator know I could handle all that? That I’d understand why we are being attacked? That my royal bloodline is an actual fact? That my ancestors always have my back? That I’d rather lead than follow the pack?

I am proud to have been born black! Because I know my power comes from within. I know that I am destined to win. I know that soon this war will end. I am proud of the color of my skin. I am proud of my melanin. Where do I begin to share my gifts? How will my actions change the world I live in? How will I empower my kin?

I am a beautiful, intelligent, creative, gifted, strong black American Woman of African decent and I will spread my blackness all over this planet…. because that is why I was born BLACK! To spread peace and love and harmony not hate. No I cannot relate to a society that uses fear to negate the power of my people.

My beauty is desired by all. My wisdom does not allow me to fall or fail or give up. I will always know that I was meant to be born black. My black skin is beautiful. My black skin is wonderful. My black mind is powerful and I am destined to change the world.

I will not remain oppressed and uneducated in the truth. I will not stand by while my people die senseless deaths. I will fight for freedom and solidarity because it was written in my destiny.
I was blessed with blackness to remind me that I have the strength to fight for the love of humanity and the redemption of my legacy.

I am black and I am proud! You should be too.

Celebrate your blackness and your BLACK HISTORY every day of your life! 24/7/365 BLACK. Why?? Because you were born black and nothing and no one will ever be able to change that!

Peace and love from SOLID TRUTH

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