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Into the Light (Greyscale) by SOLID TRUTH

GREYSCALE (Into the Light)
by SOLID Truth 
copyright 8/17/2013
As I move forward with my life
into the light
out of the desperate waters of despair
into the glowing essence 
of a bright future
one that nourishes my spirit
inspires my lyrics
those sweet melodies
making me want to dance
giving rhythm
to my circumstance
As I step into the light 
out of the haziness of 
varying shades of grey,
that cloudy pool of 
mediocre accomplishments,
less than average investments of creativity
I faithfully step out of 
the mediocrity and complacency
that keeps me mindlessly 
going through the motions
causing my emotions to burn 
with the fiery red flame of passion
I am inspired to boldly pursue 
my vision of excellence
My heart’s desires now become manifest
grasping for true unconditional love
and total trust that the 
creator’s plan is constantly in motion
so with keen sensitivity…..
I encounter the best for me
Letting go of fears and doubt
to grasp my purpose and my passion
Opening my heart so that my soul’s mate
can hear the tempo and the cadence
Slowly, my eyes adjust
to the change in contrast
my mind rests on a peaceful cloud 
of forgetfulness
knowingly allowing the past to dissolve
as the worries melt 
confidence soars and
I bask in the glowing 
rays of love, peace, and joy
I am now 
ONE with the light


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