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Celebrate Black History Everyday!

Black History is our history. Your history is world history! Learn to think critically. Use your libraries, the internet and your ancestors. There’s more to the story than you think! … Continue reading

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One Night in Brazil

*Enjoy ONE NIGHT IN BRAZIL with Da’African Village, Africa Love & Vegas Capoeira!* Da’African Village, a nonprofit dedicated to cultural exchange between the United States and Africa in partnership with … Continue reading

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Why was I born black? By Solid Truth 1/30/19 Why was I born black? Why do I always feel attacked? Why are my people always oppressed? Why are we all … Continue reading

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Pan-African Soul Sessions In LasVegas

Come meet (and hopefully join) the VILLAGE at our first bi-monthly PASS Event. We’re a diverse group of people with a common goal of unification. PASS supports transparent and uplifting … Continue reading

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Solid Truth, Cultural Ambassador for Africa Love Store

Africa Love Store is happy to officially announce the addition of our newest Cultural Ambassador, the lovely and talented Ms Ida Collins, professionally known as Solid Truth. She is a … Continue reading

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Celebrating Kwanzaa

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF KWANZAA!! Join us at noon at Africa Love Store for our UMOJA celebration! We look forward to seeing you there! #Kwanzaa2018 #KwanzaaCelebration #KwanzaaatAfricaLove  

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Into the Light (Greyscale) by SOLID TRUTH

GREYSCALE (Into the Light) by SOLID Truth  copyright 8/17/2013   As I move forward with my life into the light out of the desperate waters of despair into the glowing essence  of a bright future one that nourishes … Continue reading

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When I am Gone….by SOLID TRUTH

When I am Gone When I am gone…….. What will you DO when I am gone? When I am gone, When I have decided to move on? Who will sing … Continue reading

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How dare you?  By SOLID TRUTH April 5, 2016 HOW DARE YOU?? How dare you think you know who I am? Who dare you? How dare you feel entitled to … Continue reading

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Speak Your Mind by SOLID TRUTH Genius Is Common

  Published on May 18, 2016 Spoken word artist and motivational speaker, Solid Truth presents “Speak Your Mind”. This piece encourages us all to find our Genius, #GeniusIsCommon video produced … Continue reading

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